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STRESS / CORTISOL HORMONE                                 

Research References (Natural Support)


  • Stress is a major health risk during the air travel experience. Reduction of stress and the effects of stress is supported by adaptogens, and other ingredients which suppress effects of stress. Cortisol is the hormone increased during periods of stress and can have a major impact on health, including increases in blood glucose levels, and placing detrimental impact on all parts of the body.  
  •  Effects of stress:
    • Increase cortisol stress hormone levels
    • increase blood sugar levels
    • constriction of blood vessels
    • Suppression of immune system
    • All of these effects are detrimental to the traveler on airplanes.
  • Natural ingredient support for stress in AIR VITALITY™
    • Adaptogens play an important role in the stress response. They are natural substances which enable the body to cope with stress.
    • Schisandra - an adaptogen which modulates the stress response. Lowers cortisol levels, reduction in blood glucose and improves immune function.31
    • Flight Vitality™ Complex  - contains adaptogens, and mood enhancement ingredients (which reduce stress).




      • Natural ingredients can provide an extra level of security in the prevention of infection on an airplane.
      • Avoiding infections on planes is important to reducing chance of an illness which can ruin a trip or even cause fatal consequences.
      • It is important to decrease risk of exposure (contact) to the germs.
      • However, total avoidance of germs is not possible in most cases. Therefore,
      • Strong Immune Function. Maintaining the strength of the immune response will assist in mitigating the ubiquitous microbes in the air plane cabin.
        • Andrographis paniculata (Andrographolide) 32
      • Anti-microbial natural substances: 

                      Natural Support:

        • Curcumin, Andrographis Paniculata against influenza virus (common flu) 33-34
        • Apigenin and Luteolin. Both also possess potent anti-influenza virus activity.35
        • Apigenin has molecular docking on H1N1 (influenza) protein, helping to inhibit viral growth. 50      
        • Shilajit - A herbal-mineral composite from mountainous regions. Consists of broad based anti-viral substances, including certain respiratory viruses.36


         ANTI-CANCER PROPERTIES (Melanoma / Other Cancers)

        • As a result of prolonged radiation exposure, there is increased likelihood of DNA damage and cancer development and/or progression. Skin Cancer (Melanoma) is seen in pilots and flight attendant at a rate of twice the general population. Other types of cancer have also been anecdotally reported by flight professionals and frequent fliers. 
        • Andrographis Paniculata. Inhibits melanoma tumor growth and metastasis.37-39
        • Curcumin. Maintains anti-proliferative and capacity to kill melanoma cells.40-41
        • Sulforaphane. Anti-skin cancer properties. Shown to inhibit growth and proliferation  malignant melanoma.42


         JET LAG AND FATIGUE - High Altitude Support

        • Shilajit is recognized "health rejuvenator" for high altitudes, and enhances physical and mental states. Decreases general fatigue and enhances ATP energy production.7 Supports more refreshing travel with less tiredness. Shilajit enhances the mitochondrial bioenergetics, through utilization of key ingredients dibenzo-α-pyrones and fulvic acid and their derivatives. 43-45
        •  Nrf2 Activators - maintain homeostasis of mitochondria, especially under periods of stress. Sulforaphane, an Nrf2 activator, has been shown to inhibit oxidant mediated mitochondrial permeability and swelling.46


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