Studies have shown a significant increase in melanoma skin cancer risk associated with flying. Cabin crew, including flight attendants and pilots, show a dramatic increase in malignant melanoma cases, twice the incidence of the general population.(1,2) Furthermore, it is suggested that the dramatic rise in melanoma cases in the general public parallel the increased air travel over the last several decades.(3) Explanations point to increased exposure to UV and cosmic radiation during air travel.



  • SULFORAPHANE (Glucoraphanin) - The most malignant forms of melanoma are aggressive melanoma stem cells, which maintain enhanced survivability and migration. Sulforaphane has been found to suppress these malignant properties, including a reduction of tumor formation, by targeting the gene expression which expresses these properties.(4,5).
  • ANDROGRAPHOLIDE - Further melanoma tumor suppression is also enabled by increasing expression of anti-tumor proteins. In experiments using andrographolide, a natural herbal extract, andrographolide "significantly inhibited melanoma tumor growth and metastasis by inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis".(6)
  • PTEROSTILBENE | CURCUMIN | APIGENIN | LUTEOLIN - Other natural ingredients which may have a protective effect against melanoma skin cancer include pterostilbene (7), curcumin (8), Apigenin (9), Luteolin (10) as demonstrated in lab studies.


(Sulforaphane - precursor glucoraphanin | Andrographolide | Pterostilbene | Curcumin | Apigenin | Luteolin)



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Air travel. We have a love hate relationship. While we love the ability to travel far distances in a relatively short amount of time, but let's face it, it can be a stressful experience. Waiting in lines, going through security points, and being crammed into ever decreasing spaces on places, is not always fun. However, beyond the obvious inconveniences, there are also health factors which are not so obvious.

As we enter the cabin of the airplane we enter a world of  germs, chemicals and exposure to high levels of various kinds of radiation which can affect the very fabric of our body - our DNA. In addition to affecting our DNA, it can also age us prematurely. Not just on the outside our skin but also internally.

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