Natural Supplement (Vitamin) Support for travel by Air Plane

Natural dietary supplements, including plant extracts, provide significant support for maintaining health and vitality during the flight process, and supports cellular immediate and long term health. Maximum airplane health support is provided by initially building cellular defenses (for 1 week) prior to the trip, continuing during the trip and upon return. Frequent fliers, pilots and flight attendants should consider taking AIR VITALITY™ on an ongoing basis, as component of their regular supplement regimen.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Research References (Natural Support)



Ionizing (High Energy) radiation is the most destructive and directly damages DNA. Ionizing radiation is invisible and not detectable by human senses. Ionizing radiation (from Cosmic radiation) correspond linearly to altitude. The higher the altitude the greater the cosmic radiation. Exposure to cosmic radiation in airplanes is between 10-100  times greater than exposure on earth.49  Gamma radiation from thunderstorms is maximum at the level of the storm - usually cruising altitude.

Natural support:

• Glucoraphanin - a broccoli precusor of sulforaphane, Nrf2 activator, a transcription factor which activates a powerful antioxidant cellular response, which serves to protect the cell against inflammation and damage. AIR VITALITY™ uses truebroc™ glucoraphanin, which activates a sustainable antioxidant system, lasting up tp 72 hours1. Nrf2 promotes repair of damaged DNA. Further, it helps prevent the damage that is incurred by the superoxide free radicals generated by the ionizing radiation. Damaging superoxide can be active for hours to days after irradiation.2-4

• N-Acetyl-Cysteine - protects against cellular death caused by ionizing radiation. Research in lab animals indicates that N-Acetyl-Cysteine is effective in protecting the brain from the effects of radiation (the brain is one of the most vulnerable tissues to ionizing radiation).5

• More Radiation Protective Ingredients - In the FLIGHT VITALITY™ proprietary complex is additional natural substances which serve as radiation protective ingredients. Many are Nrf2 activators and also stimulate the repair of damaged DNA. Including Andrographolide, Centella asiatica, Rosemary Extract (Carnosic Acid, Carnosol) Green Tea Extract. Apigenin, Luteolin, Hesperidin, Rutin, Quercetin, Ginger, Pterostilbene.6-18


  • Selenium, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid - Damage caused by radiation is associated with oxidative stress. The synergistic effect of antioxidants organic selenium (L-methionine), alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C, in combination, lowers oxidative stress, and offer greater radioprotective against ionizing radiation. 49 


    Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation (UVA - UVB) UV radiation is twice as powerful at cruising altitude (30,000 ft) as compared to ground level. Both forms of UV radiation are blocked by the structure of the plane. However, the exception is that while UVB is further blocked by the windshield and windows of a plane, UVA is not. UVA is capable of deep penetration and can cause wrinkles and DNA damage. Oxidative stress is the primary factor for skin aging, and the effect is multiplied when in combination with other environmental air / urban pollutants (including cigarette smoke).47

           Natural Support:

    • Apigenin and Luteolin. Inhibits the UVA induction of the enzyme which breaks down collagen that results in skin aging.19
    • Carnosic Acid (Rosemary Extract). Inhibits UV radiation break down of the skin cellular matrix. Carnosic acid helps prevent the breakdown of the cellular matrix and oxidative DNA damage in the skin.20                                                                                                                                                                   
    • Nrf2 Activators - Mitigates the pro-inflammatory factors stimulated by the UV radiation.21-23
    • Selenium. In tests involving human skin cells, selenium (in the form of L-methionine) protected the cells from UVA photoageing. Researchers concluded that selenium in the form tested, "may be a potential agent for the prevention and treatment of skin photoageing.".48
    • Shilajit - Is a unique combination of minerals and constituents .dibenzo-α-prones (DBPs), dibenzo-α-prone chromoproteins (DCPs), Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid. Protects the cells mitochondria against UV damage, thereby acting as a photo-protective agent. 43


      • Glucoraphanin - After conversion to sulforaphane in the body, becomes a powerful  detoxifying agent. As an  including chemicals and air pollution contained in the airport environment. Glucoraphanin is a rechargeable antioxidant that works with the body’s own cell protection system. The effects of truebroc™ have the benefit of lasting several days in the body helping to reduce oxidative stressors, enhancing the removal of environmental toxins, increasing cellular antioxidant defense and contributing to healthy organ function.                

      Natural Support

      Airborne Pollutants (Benzene) - In a study in a heavily polluted city in China, glucoraphanin (from broccoli sprouts) was shown to support rapid and sustainable detoxification of airborne pollutants. In particular, benzene compounds were found to be excreted at high levels.24

      Ozone - At high altitude, there is an increased presence of ozone in the airplane cabin. Ozone can create oxidative stress (inflammation) in the upper respiratory system (including lungs). On human test subjects, sulforaphane was demonstrated to increase antioxidant enzymes in the upper airways, thereby reducing the inflammatory effects of oxidative stress caused by ozone and other pollutants.25

      Liver Detoxification - The liver supports the breakdown of toxic chemicals which enter the body. detoxification of any chemical is the primary region of the body for the manufacture of glutathione. Sulforaphane (as derived from Glucoraphanin) helps to stimulate the carcinogen detoxifying enzymes in the liver, to breakdown toxins in the body.26

      • Andrographolide - Modulates the inflammatory effects of air pollution, by inactivating inflammatory gene activator (NF-KappaB), reducing pulmonary inflammation (from air pollutants). Chronic lung inflammation can lead to lung fibrosis and a loss of lung elasticity.27
      • Curcumin, Andrographolide and Schisandra. All contribute to improved liver functional health and increased detoxification efficiency.28-30



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